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Behind the Scenes : Cat Scarf...too much cute?

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Perhaps you saw our knitting story in February's Living...


but did you make it tiny and put it on a cat?


via poppypod

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  • Omg! That is too cute! My cats wouldn't allow it though :)

  • HA! This brings back a great memory of knitting scarves as gifts a million years ago...For my beloved boss I used leftover yarn to make a matching one for her cat. She said it was the cutest thing she'd ever seen, for the 25 seconds that the cat kept it on! There were pompoms involved.

  • oh thats darling!!! i would keep it for myself :)

  • I have to say, I like it on the kitty better! So cute!

  • I actually knitted that scarf but never thought to test it out on my cat Mooney - tres chic!

  • So cute...I see a scarf in my dogs future:)

  • I soooo love the kitty scarf! I wish my kitty would let me put a scarf on him...

  • My daughter had one of those when she was a little pink....30 years ago.
    It was perfect for a toddler. Stayed put.

  • OH-MY! That's adorable!!!

  • I may have to head to the animal shelter today! My big fluffy gray cat used to LOVE wearing ribbons---so I think you can train the cat to appreciate "accessories!"

    This post has made my day!

  • How adorable! I can't believe you got the cat to sit still long enough to get the scarf on it. Very cute!

  • WAY too cute in a totally awesome way. I love the color combo kitty and scarf have going on.

  • Love the scarf..think you caught the cat in a quiet moment..Im sure it stayed on for 2 minutes.Look forward to more simple patterns!

  • If I had a cat I know I would totally do also makes me want to practice my knitting (I haven't graduated past the simple scarf level!)

  • Now that's cute. Sweet cat and I love this scarf. I am definitely making one like this.

  • Well... this was a couple years ago, but...

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