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A lot of the projects I work on outside of the office involve some form of printmaking... I have a longstanding fascination with the range of processes that fall under this category and the look of printed imagery in all of its many forms. I also like to collaborate with my friends - as when I worked with my friends Chloe and Matthew to design the invitations and other printed ephemera for their wedding. We wanted to experiment with a layering of techniques and managed to include no less than five types of printmaking in the project as a whole--letterpress printing, traditional engraving, slikscreening, and rubber stamping. My favorite were the table runners, which we made from rolls of inexpensive, recycled industrial paper that we silkscreened and rubber stamped.

silkscreened paper runners

Below is an example of another silkscreening project of mine, decks of playing cards I made last Christmas. I printed an edition of 60. They were also an experiment... it took so long to get the elements right to form complete decks that could actually be used... these days I am trying to make use of my Print Gooco machine... more on that soon!


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  • Your work is beautiful and wonderful. I like to work with print work also to decorate the house with custom made items. I am very curious about how you created the cards. These are a wonderful idea for the art auction my son's school, using the children's art to decorate the back of the cards. Also I wondered if you have ever decoupaged any prints. If so I was wanted to know what kind of paper and copying tool you used and also what kind of medium you used for the adhereshion of the prints. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Your cards are lovely! I have been trying to find a Goco machine..I heard that they were not being manufactured anymore!

  • They look beautiful--I love the playful designs on the deck of cards, but the table runners are my favorite. The design is almost Asian-style, simple and elegant, so it reminds me of kimono fabric. Can't wait to see more designs!

  • Nice! I'm liking the colors.

  • Amazing! That's the best deck of cards ever.

  • [...] amazingly cool are these silkscreened playing cards by Athena Preston? (discovered at The Crafts Dept blog) I am crazy for [...]

  • your deck of cards is amazing!!

  • Love the cards.
    You just reminded me that I have a Gocco machine. Bought it for almost three years and I haven't use once... but you just motivated me to start work on it. thanks!

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