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Meet : Morgan Levine

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You've already seen the Crafter Profiles in April's Living. This week we're introducing some of our other crafty contributors...


My first freelance job at Martha Stewart involved making about a billion crepe paper daffodils. After that, I was hooked.

Dennison, a crepe paper manufacturer, popularized crepe flower making as a cheap and fun way to decorate your home in the 1920s. I scale up traditional flower making techniques for my Grand Fleurs collection. A clear resin coating on my life-sized blooms keeps accessories resilient.


See more of my work at Amble through Bramble, or check out my appearance on the Martha Show last February, and learn how to make crepe accessories and giant crepe roses yourself.


Comments (11)

  • What beautiful roses. I thought at first glance they were real. I especially love the small ones for your hair shown in the thumbnail pictures.

  • I saw you make these on the show and thought they were encredible -the resin being such a great preserving idea! I've made similar small flowers using fabric and stiffener.

  • WOW! love your Roses so beautiful. You are so talented, wish you great success.
    Rowaida Flayhan

  • I saw her on the show, she's such a talent!


  • Those giant roses are so BEAUTIFUL!!! 1st I thought they are real flowers!!! Great work!

  • [...] March 13, 2009 by Audrey I was reading the new blog by the Craft Dept. at Martha Stewart and found these FANTASTIC crepe paper flowers by Morgan Levine. [...]

  • These are lovely! So real looking (but last much longer!)

  • [...] week, The Crafts Dept. featured Morgan Levine, who creates gorgeous crepe paper flowers in sizes both large enough to dwarf a flower vase and [...]

  • Hey,

    How do you get the edges a different color? I have heard of taking a bit of watercolor and letting the paper soak it up as you run it along the edge. Will this work with crepe paper? If so, is it the German made crepe paper? I have gone to to order some. Any instructions on how to do the edging?

  • I absolutely love those crepe paper flowers. I love them, they are so big and so cute!I'm getting married next summer and I'm trying to come up with ideas of how to decorate with a budget. This might be the key. Can you create these in any sizes? Please let me know if you have other photos with these flowers in different settings. Thanks!

  • You are ossum!will you please tell me how you make all this.I also want to make as such.Wish you all the best for your future

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