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On The Web : Easter Workshop Projects

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Our Radio Blog, Living on 112, is participating in the Easter Workshop.  Check out Katie Macpherson's first project.


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  • Oh this is so cute! I love the little puffy tails. I'm glad I found this blog- I saw it mentioned on

  • I love the Martha Stewart punches! I teach preschool and love the ideas! We alter them to make them age appropriate. I budget 1 paper punch a paycheck. It is a perfect way to use up the scrap paper at school and at home from all the big die cuts we do. I have even sent people to the Martha Isle in our new Michaels because the punches are sooo much better!
    Can't wait until I have them all! Thank you Martha!!

  • Very cute!

    I have a design suggestion for Martha's punch tool (I can't think of the proper name!). I own a few of them and it's not very easy to store them nicely. Now if they had a hole in the back handle so that I could hang them up all in a pretty row on either a peg board or directly on the wall, that would be fantastic!

  • My daughter and I love the Martha Stewart craft punches, unfortunately we moved to a rural town last year and the closest Michaels is at least an hour away. I am disappointed because this particular Michaels never has the holiday punches, they only carry the basic designs. I want the bunny, the shamrock and the hearts- not to mention the border punches. I have even checked Walmart and they only have a few. What do I do?

  • Hi Mary. I'm so glad that you like the punches. The good news is that the shamrock and our standing bunny (slightly different position than the one shown above)are available as part of the main line of punches at Michaels. Maybe call ahead to have one put aside before your next trip. That's a long car trip! the other tip I have it to check into periodically because there will be an assortment of holiday punches available. Happy shopping!

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