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Our Library : Embroidery Sampler

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More from our library . . . Sometimes our shelves surprise us with a book we had no idea we had and have a hard time guessing how we got it. The move unearthed a few of these treasures and it was really a pleasure to look through them.


This scrapbook was one of those finds, filled with samples of chain stitch embroidery designs. Though the designs are sweet, the real inspiration for me is the book itself.




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  • Oh, Lovely Embroidery samples!
    Those old scrapbooks are fun finds!

    I want to learn how to embroidery.
    Especially cute faces. Do you have
    any book recomendations?

    This is that site that has daily tutorials.
    They feature Martha Stewart website a lot.

    That is wear I got the link to the reversible
    purse. Click Flassie if you'd like to see a
    couple of them I've made. I've made more and
    plan to make my daughter and I one too. They
    are fun to make.

    God Bless You and Yours, Martha Stewart and
    Your Creative Beautiful Lives!!!

  • this is very inspirational ..especially for book artists.Thank you!

  • It is really very beautiful piece of art and craft

  • I want to make one, those are great!

  • Wow, beautiful and inspiring!

  • I have kept all my cross-stitching and now I know what to do with them. Create a scrapbook for them. Great idea!

  • wow. that is amazing

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