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TV Crafts : Emergency crafting

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Today’s TV Tuesday post is from Kirsten, TV crafter and collector of turtle figurines:

Okay -- it was my turn to write the post for TV Tuesday, and here I am typing with one hand because of a completely stupid lunch-making accident this morning that sent me to the ER. Our can opener is broken and I was trying to open a can of tuna fish with one of those metal-triangle-can-puncturer things. The obvious happened: I slipped and cut myself on the mangled can lid. I am hoping my mother does not read this, out of fear that she will jump in her car and drive straight to New York to slap me for being such an idiot.

So, instead of showing you what I’m working on right now, since I’m sort of incapacitated, I’ll have to show you the one craft I WAS able to complete – probably one of the oldest feel-better crafts in the book: a bandage cozy.

bandage cozy

After being told that I can’t get my hand dirty or wet for the next 3 days, I went home and found a clean orphan sock, and cut it down to fit my hand. I then marked where my thumb was and cut a slit so it could poke through. Not exactly master crafting, but it’s functional and looks quite neat. Now I'm protected from city germs and I won’t be trailing gauze everywhere.

We’ll have a much more interesting post next week (promise!), and stay tuned for a surprise bonus TV post tomorrow!

In closing, a little PSA: a crafter’s hands are important, so take care with sharp things and make sure to ALWAYS use the right tool for the right job!

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  • Hi Kirsten,
    I'm sorry you had to learn a lesson the hard way; it happens to me all the time! I'm always using the wrong tool even though I know better. I too hope your mother doesn't read this - you really made me laugh with that comment! Heal quickly and I look forward to seeing your turtles. I have a couple of cute ones myself but I don't think I can show them here! Rated R - LOL.

  • Oh geez sorry to hear about your hand! Hope it heals quickly for you. Great idea for protecting the bandage. Must have been a little tricky to cut with one hand. :-)

  • it may be an old idea but I still hadn't heard of it! Maybe it's the whole "living on a very large island thing" (I'm from Australia). Great tip - thanks so much!

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