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Inspiration Board : Happy National Craft Month!

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Hi all,

A couple of months ago I ended up at a jackpot of an estate sale while visiting family in Ohio. It was at a house that belonged to a lifelong crafter and was brimming with crafty treasures. I spent so much time shopping there that the coordinators of the sale told me to help myself to lunch from the kitchen! The woman that left behind this trove of crafts dabbled in all kinds of projects... The quirkiest items by far, are the adorable shell creatures that I'm pretty sure she created at the Sanibel Shell Fair. Since March is National Craft Month, I can't think of a better time to share my findings with you... I hope they inspire and/or make you smile!


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baskets made out of walnuts

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  • it's also arts education month! here's to keeping the arts in the schools - -

  • Oh what a lovely find and what a great way to honour this unknown crafter. The shell art is quite crazy but i have to say the shell blossoms are inspirational and would look so great adorning a little trinket box for the bedside table - a great mothers day gift.

  • The Sanibel Shell Fair is incredible. My mother bought some 'flower arrangements' there that are so real looking you have stick your face right up to and touch it to figure out they are not real flowers.

  • Wow!!! What an inspirational crafter and great ideas for your department. Those shell creatures are adorable. You have to go on Martha's show and make some of these. Kudos to her and to you for nabbing such beautiful items. You have a fantastic job... lucky you!!!
    Kim in New Jersey

  • YMMD with that anwers! TX

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