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Make It : Kyle's Birthday

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Today's bonus TV post written by Kristin St. Clair, TV Crafter and friend to all animals:

One of the perks of being a Crafter for the “Martha Stewart Show” is being able to meet and work with our craft guests, who come to our studio from near and far to share their ideas, designs, and skills with Martha and our viewers. We learn a great deal from our craft guests, and a lot of times apply these new skills to our own projects, for the show and on the side.

On February 11, I was lucky enough to work with Michelle SaintOnge, who traveled from Nova Scotia to be on the show. Michelle demonstrated a simple silk-screening technique, using a picture frame and waterproof paper, that I knew right away would come in handy for us in the future.

This week, when, in celebration of the birthday of one of our favorite staff members, Kyle Ramdeen, we decided to go all-out and print FIFTY T-shirts for most of the staff to wear, we had to figure out how to pull it off! The design was easy -- Kyle is everyone’s pal, certainly gets the award for “best smile,” and will always lift your spirits with his trademark bear hug. An “I [heart] Hugs” tee, with Kyle’s bright smiley face centered in the heart, seemed like the best way to illustrate our love and appreciation for this special person on our staff!

I [heart] hugs graphic

Now, how to print 50 T-shirts simply and easily?? I quickly came to the conclusion that we had to use Michelle’s silk-screening technique.  Our tees used two screens: one for the red heart, and one for the black text and Kyle’s likeness. The process was super-fast and completely satisfying. We completed the T-shirts in an evening and we were all absolutely amazed at the quality of the prints.

Check out our gallery to see myself and fellow TV staff members Lan, Sean, and Joel in silk-screening action. Happy Birthday, Kyle!!!


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Printing the heart

Click here to learn Michelle's silk-screening technique. Thanks, Michelle!

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  • I have been wanting to give screen printing a try, the shirts look really nice! I had no idea there was a crafts dept blog until I read Marcie McGoldrick's interview on, now I have another blog to follow!

  • I LOVE you guys! Thanks for the mention and your t-shirts are too cute!

  • Love the t's! Is there a specific screen printing kit to use?

  • kyle ramdeen is my brother and all of those things said about him are totally true i lov him so much and i cant stand to lose him he is very warm hearted anyway i love him and will always love him.

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