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Open Studio : Making the Paper Cut

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In preparation for the big move, I was in charge of going through all our paper files (we had 8 of them with 4 drawers each), eliminating damaged sheets & reorganizing the pieces left over. Though it made a huge mess of our hallway, we loved the way that each drawer of color made a totally different feel in the space. It took almost 3 whole days but I am proud to say we that brought our number down to 6 and, despite the post title, I made it out relatively unscathed.

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  • Hi guys!

    Nice blog! Exciting to see it go live.


  • Wow, this blog looks great! I'm excited to see it evolve.


  • Crafter Comment:

    Thanks guys!
    We are really excited about it too!

  • right now I'm fantasizing about if the Craft Dept had to have a moving sale... :)

  • [...] Making the Paper Cut - I want a room with nothing but drawers of beautiful paper sorted by color… sigh… [...]

  • Very lovely!

    Do you have any sourcing information on the large drawers? Or are their other names than "flat file" for them?

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Wendy- you can search online for flat files or blueprint files. They are a bit expensive but if you use a lot of larger papers - it is a great investment. Dick Blick carries them.

  • Wonderful! Thank you.

  • I certainly hope the discarded paper didn't get put in the trash (or recycling!)...because if you ever need someone to give the scrap paper to, I'm your lady! I'll even paypal you the postage! By the way, your job = my dream job.

  • I would love to have some of the workers that did that move to help me organize my craft room. It is a very small room but I just need organizing help. I love to craft and drool over all those supplys. I am so overwelmed by little space and lots of craft ideas and some supplys. I need a good place to start. Can anyone plant me in the right direction.

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