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Behind the Scenes : Marbleizing

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In honor of the upcoming publication of our Encyclopedia of Crafts I thought I would share one of my favorite projects from the book: Marbleizing. The projects were already developed by another craft editor and shot but we planned on shooting some more pictures of the process and I wanted to give it a try before the shoot.

As kids, my friends and I loved marbleizing paper to make cards and stationery but we used a very different (and more toxic) technique involving turpentine...and a very dirty kitchen sink. This technique involves water-based materials and can be contained in baking pans. I decided to try it at home with my mom and my 6 year old son, Sammy. Once you find the special supplies, this craft is easy, fun, and really rewarding. Lifting the paper to see the pattern you created is magical and Sammy was very proud of his work.


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From the Encyclopedia of Crafts.

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