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Our Library : Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

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More from our library...alright, I know, it seems a little contrived to slip our new Crafts Encyclopedia into our Library Posts, but I just had to, because, the truth is, it's one of our favorites. I only joined the department at the tail end of the book's development, so I'm definitely not tooting my own horn when I say its beautiful photographs, lovely projects, and broad range of techniques is pretty amazing. Here are a few of my favorites.


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Silk screening...dazzling

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  • really looking forward to the book!

    Just found your blog through I've visited the MS website before, but really enjoy this blog format for inspiration. Thanks!

  • I was looking through the Easter crafts. I'm really disappointed that I was unable to find any Christian Easter Projects. Easter is one of the most holy Christain holidays, I would think there would be at least a couple of ideas. Bunnies and eggs are cute, but not what Easter is all about. Thanks

  • Looking forward to the book!
    Another great success for Martha Stewart with the help of her team of craft experts.
    I am really enjoying your blog! Good luck to all.
    God bless

  • I just ordered my copy of the book, can't wait to receive it. I like this blog too. First time I've read the crafts blog. I really want start this new season getting back into crafting and putting some of the many wonderful ideas you share into practice. Looking forward to the craft show too. Hope you'll feature more shows like this.

  • Marthat I was watching your show in Houston Wednesday April 8 09 and wanted to get the print out of the farm animals to have my gran d children to make the tablesettinmg baskets, how ever I cannot find the site to print the cut outs.

    I had the same problem some time ago when thaty new soft japanese clay was demostrated to make flowers. I wanted to find out where to buy it. So please send me an e-mail on both items .

    Thanking you in advance


  • Crafter Comment:

    I think these links should help you...

  • Hi, i lived overseas, in Guatemala city and I am a Martha´s fan. Please help me to know how I can reach the craft encyclopedia, here in my country does not sell martha´s books. please help me!!! I really need to have this book!!!! thanks and give my regards to Martha.

  • Crafter Comment:

    You can order the book on Thanks for your interest!

  • Hey, you're the goto expert. Thanks for haginng out here.

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