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Tools & Materials : my swift

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Since I rarely have someone who is willing (and able) to hold a skein of yarn for me, I really treasure my swift. I love the way it spins around, while I roll the yarn into a small, soft ball. ( I also think it's a beautiful object in itself !). You can get one here or a handy smaller one here.

I really like the way a yarn ball feels. But if you prefer, you can use a yarn winder.

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  • I do like swifts. We have an amazing yarn shop in NYC, Purl Soho, and they wind your yarn on their swift for you after you purchase. They are so cool looking and make the yarn much easier to handle!

  • I have used these before at my local yarn shop, but I never knew they were called swifts. It is fun to learn a new knitting term!

  • I adore my swift and ball winder but miss them SOOO much! They're in storage at the moment.

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