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Open Studio : New Sewing Station

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It's great to get a fresh start in the new Craft room. We decided to put the sewing station in the corner. The wall of windows provides a great view of the city and a lot of light, perfect for sewing. We got a large table for the new Pfaff creative 2.0, it looks amazing. I have an old industrial machine at home that I love but I'm looking forward to figuring out all of the features on this computerized machine. We used a p-touch to label the pedal and the cords so they don't get confused with the other machines we have. We set up the ironing board near by and we set up a smaller ironing table in front of the windows for smaller projects. I'm excited to start sewing in the new space.

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  • I'm so jealous of this workroom. I would love to have a workroom this large, but most of all I would love my sewing station to overlook NYC!

  • Love the Craft blog. Such fun to see the "inside" of my favorite dept/segments. Thanks...and please keep it coming!

  • Just found the Craft dept. Woo hoo! I am soooo excited!!

  • great room! i live in argentina and is wonderful to see all your work. feel free to contact me in case you need info or links about design. would be nice for me to help you! keep on posting please!

  • It looks fabulous! Lucky you!

  • oh oh oh a new craft blog from no other than Martha's team!!!!!!!!!

    am adding this to my favourite blogs list....I'm all the way from australia and love martha's show mainly for the craft!

    and wow what a sewing room adn what a view! just fabulous!


  • I am very excited about finding this site and to see all the new ideas here because I do not always get to see the show. Love you new craft room, I am tring to amalgamate all my stuff into one room for my sewing and crafts. I make Teddy Bears from recycled garments, everything from old fur coats to wedding gowns, baby quilts, old handmade quilts, a favorite shirt of Daddy's and anything else someone might want to treasure forever. Have great week too.

  • amazing space! what a view! one question, where can i buy dress forms???

  • Thank you Nick. I'm a guy who likes to sew and craft too! I'm just getting into navigating my way around the Craft Blog. It's great fun.
    I'm turning a spare room into my "Craft Den". I bought the Martha Stewart Everyday Corner Hutch and Island (from K-Mart)to use as storage and a work table. I'm sorry to see her products disapear from that store. At anyrate ... I have a question about embossing. I have some MSC powders and a heating tool. Can I use the glue pad for my designs or is there an embossing pad that MSC sells. I'm a stickler about being consistant with my supplies and I would like to keep as much as I can from MSC
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

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