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Around Town : On 5th Ave- Bergdorf Goodman windows

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On a recent walk down Fifth Avenue these Bergdorf windows caught my eye.  The theme seems to be text.


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And now for my all-time favorite Bergdorf windows, from January of last year.  Proof that beautiful crafting can be done with any ordinary object- these colorful sticky notes are just like those in my desk drawer! 


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See anyone you recognize?

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and though it's a bit out of season, I love these office supply tree decorations

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  • Could you make the photos into smaller files? They are taking forever to load.

  • What a stunning display! Just this week the designers on Runway Canada were challenged to make apparel out of sticky notes.

    I love seeing the creativity that is coming from artists of all types using everyday items. Makes you realize that you can create beauty from the ordinary things that surround you. You just need to think a little outside the box!

  • Thanks for sharing this. I live a small town and don't get to see beautiful designer windows like this. They're just so amazing. I love the creativity of this. Such a simple, common material... well done!!

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