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Here in the crafts department we keep a library of books that we use in developing our stories and projects. We all add to it from time to time when we come across a new (or old) book that we find interesting or useful. Over the years it's become a pretty extensive resource with many different types of craft books and books on specific techniques, materials, or areas of design. Some books in our collection are real treasures, (if we do say so ourselves), and we find we return to them again and again for inspiration and story ideas. We thought we'd share a few of our favorites at a time on this blog.


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You can find the books shown above online here:

The English Archive of Design and Decoration by Stafford Cliff

The Victoria and Albert Colour Books; Decorative Endpapers and Patterns for Papers

Also, this book, Decorated Paper Designs, is from the Pepin Press Design Series and may be easier to find. It reproduces many block printed papers similar to those in the V&A books.

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  • I am so excited to find this blog for the first time tonight. I think it is a great idea and I will be sure to read it regularly. Great information.

  • More book recommendations, please!! It is fantastic to see what is in your library. Thank you for the information.

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