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Celebrate : Party Time!

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Hi there– Valerie Courtney here. I'm an associate crafts designer in the product design department here at Martha. I am thrilled to be representing our department as a contributor here on the crafts blog. I'll be offering glimpses into our daily lives as designers at the company. A topic that I think many of us are super excited to share with everyone is PARTIES!


We tend to put a lot of thought into celebrating our co-workers' birthdays. These mini events serve as opportune moments to try recipes we've been meaning to test out, to come up with creative ways to use our craft products (making birthday cards), and to challenge ourselves to decorate with whatever we can find around the office.

We usually theme a party around a simple color palette or food and treat combinations. Some past parties included themes such as: ice-cream sundaes, chocolate vs. ginger, and my personal favorite (hosted for my birthday this year) soup & grilled cheeses!

It's rare that a month goes by without a birthday/celebration on the calendar, so be sure to check back soon to celebrate with us!

Here's a peek at our SVP of Crafts Licensing, Tod Morehead's birthday on Wednesday... the menu: mini cucumber sandwiches, cheese & crackers, mandarins, spinach/artichoke dip, and an office favorite, Billy's cupcakes.


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... and another fun party for (the lovely) Kids editor/Crafts designer, Jodi Levine's birthday last year... the menu: delicious chocolate/pumpkin squares, homemade peanut butter cups, and fresh ginger syrup for ginger ale.


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Our MS craft punches are always great for adding simple fun details to a party. Here we punched shapes out of faux wood contact paper to make cupcake toppers.

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  • oh my god!!! Valerie! I am so excited that you are contributor to this blog. I love it! Iwish we celebrated birthdays at my company like this.

  • great post Valerie!

  • Mmmmm, it all looks good ... but the thought of homemade peanut butter cups pretty much steals my heart. Thanks for sharing your yummy photos (and giving us all a few good ideas for our own birthday parties).

  • Am running to plan a soup and grilled cheese party now...

  • I'm swooning! I wish my coworkers were that into birthdays! LOL Homemade peanut butter cups? What more could you want?

  • are you selling these items or simply sharing them?
    they are adorable!

  • Hi there! I'm glad you enjoyed the party post.
    I used tools and products from our line of crafts to create some of the party cards and decorations... Martha Stewart Crafts can be found at Michael's craft stores, Walmart, or at You can check the photo captions for specific items. Thanks for stopping by!

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