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Make It : Purim Treats

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The Jewish holiday Purim starts tonight at sun down. It's a wildly festive celebration involving costumes, noise makers, wine, triangular cookies called hamantaschen, and best of all, mandatory gifts of well packaged treats. Purim treats, also called Mishloach manot, must include at least two kinds of food that are ready to eat, and should be exchanged on Purim day. I boxed up a bunch of goodies and embellished the boxes with a few strips of paper and one of our punches. I made the hamantaschen box myself. Adjust the template below for the dimensions of your cookies.

mishloach manot

mishloach manot

hamantaschen box


Comments (8)

  • Great idea! Your template makes it so easy. Thanks Morgan.

  • Love your new blog!
    Good luck to all and God bless

  • This is cool, easy and no-frill. Thanks for sharing. Love your new blog!

  • Made these Hamantachen! They are delish! Thanks for the box template! Love the new blog! Best wishes and much success!
    Paula M. :)

  • Love this idea!

  • Lovely hamentaschen box! My favorite mishloach manos given yesterday was an apple with a jar of honey and a very serious (may you be sealed in the book of life...)Rosh Hashana card. What a hoot! Happy Shushan Purim!

  • This is great! Thanks!

  • tish us vary good
    where you buy?

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