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Make It : Sewing Class

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Corinne with her finished pattern

I attended a "Make a Skirt" class with my fellow crafter Corinne. The class, open to employes and held in our offices, teaches you how to make a basic A-line skirt from scratch. Becky Hanson , a Singer Education Manager, is teaching the class. The first session covered taking your measurements, making a pattern, making a muslin and adjusting your pattern for a perfect fit. There are 2 more classes so come back to see how Corinne's skirt comes along.

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  • Hey -
    You work the Maverick of Color and everyone is in basic black and grey? Seriously? I hope everyone chose some fun Spring fabrics for their skirts!

  • Reminds me of my first sewing project in 7th grade. A big dirndle skirt that wasn't very flattering.

  • Wow what a great course to offer, especially in these frugal times.

  • The class looks like fun! I can't wait to see how the finished skirt turns out. What color and kind of fabric did you choose? Poor Nick! are they planning on offering any classes for men's clothes?

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