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Inspiration Board : Springtime colors

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If Spring is finally here, then why is it so cold? I've been recalling the warm months by looking at photos of these bright and beautiful Dahlias.

Photos from a Dahlia garden on Long IslandPhotos from a Dahlia garden on Long Island

I found relief from bleak winter days in the many art museums around the city. One that really stood out was Pipilotti Rist's Pour Your Body Out (7354 Cubic Meters) at the Museum of Modern Art. In this installation, dream-like video footage was projected on the enormous walls of an atrium while an almost ethereal soundtrack played. If this combination wasn't enough to lull you into a trance, they added a "sculptural seating island" (giant donut shaped couch with pink bean bag pillows). Here, the usually high strung throngs of New Yorkers and excited tourists sprawled dreamily to enjoy, and become part of, the project.

Exciting photo taking- each shot captured a unique moment of video

Exciting photo taking- each shot captured a unique moment of video

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  • Hi there, I came over from (a great post about Marcie). . .now these flowers have me craving springtime too! Bring on the sunshine!

  • Beautiful pictures. I can't wait until Spring. You are so talented.

  • I love Pipilotti,, her videos are out of this worls! she's also made a wonderful cover version of 'Wicked Games' !

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