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Around Town : The Crafts Dept. Visits TV

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Perhaps you saw today's Martha Stewart Show? It was the Crafting show, in honor of the new Craft Encyclopedia launch, so our whole department joined the studio audience this morning. Marcie spoke a little about the book, and will be crafting on the show later this week. Athena's got a craft segment lined up as well.

Rosie, Alexis, and Jennifer were guests.  Hannah Milman also stopped by to glitter Easter eggs.  Mario at Radio just glittered some eggs too.

We had a lot of fun. See for yourself...


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Comments (7)

  • Loving the show!! TiVo'd it and watching it right now. =)

  • I'm so jealous! You guys have the best job ever!

  • what colorful outfits!

  • Way cool

  • I just love all the crafters you showcase and all the Martha Crafts.

  • Loved the crafts especially the glittered eggs.
    Rosie is too distracting on a show like yours...where details are involved!

  • Allegra Miccio, Martha's favorite pick on the Craft show, just came in today with a gown she made out of recycled cleaner bags-it even had a jacket. The entire school watched the show so between Allegra and the Martha Stewart show this is all the school is talking about. We are also getting press coverage over the show. What a great community service this was! Martha is always ahead of her time as she picked recycled accessories.

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