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Tools & Materials : Trade Show Discovery

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Yudu personal screenprinter

In January I travelled to Anaheim, Ca. to attend the annual Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Winter Trade Show. This show brings together hundreds of companies in the industry, including vendors of all types of sewing and needlework tools, manufacturers of art papers and scrapbooking materials, paints and brushes, glitters, beads, clays, and too many other types of tools and supplies to name. There is always a lot to see and take in at once.

One surprise was the debut of a new at-home screenprinting machine by Provocraft. After seeing a demonstation of the machine I can attest that it's quite similar to the Japanese Print Gocco machine, which over the years has garnered a very loyal following in the US, but is sadly no longer being manufactured. Both machines simplify the screenprinting process by allowing you to create a screen directly from your artwork without the need for a dark room or light table. The maximum print size is relatively small, but screenprinting is such a verstaile technique, there really are endless possibilities for what you can make. The provocraft machine allows you to print on fabric or paper, and like Gocco comes with its own screens and inks, but uses an actual squeegee as with regular screeprinting. If screenprinting is unfamiliar to you, it looks like this machine would be a great way to get started.

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  • thanks so much for this info. I've always been interested in the Gocco, so this is great news!

  • This is a good news. I have been reluctant to get a Gocco because of the lack of supplies available and the potential for it to become obsolete. This new machine sounds just like what I have been waiting for. I'll have to hunt one down.
    Thanks for this!
    Fiona Richards

  • What a great find! I have a Gocco and use it often but like every other Gocco user I am always worried about running out of supplies.

    This also looks like it has a few advantages over the Gocco too because you can reuse your screens with this unit, and Gocco screens are 1-use only. And you can burn your screens from inkjet printouts (you can't burn a screen from an inkjet printout with a Gocco, it needs to be a photocopy).

    If Gocco ever does disappear entirely I'm glad that there is something to replace it.

  • I had a gocco and LOVED it, I recently sold it since the supplies are becoming more expensive and hard to find. I have heard that the YUDU doesnt do the same detail the Gocco can do. And its pretty huge too! Im still wanting to wait to see how it goes before purchasing something like this.

  • The Yudu is 299.99..and that is just the machine. But I suppose it will pay for itself many times over..but it is an initial financial hit!

  • very interesting info! thanks for this

  • This looks really cool. I'm wondering how well it actually works, though.

  • I have a Yudu & LOVE it!! (JoAnn's & Michael's both carry them if you're looking to get one.) It's really simplified the screen-printing process for me & I love how well it prints on an array of surfaces (fabric, vinyl, paper, wood...) Feel free to stop by my blog to see my projects & hear about my Yudu experience. LMK if you have any questions. :D

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