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Inspiration Board : TV Inspiration (Part II)

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Hello again from the TV staff! In our post last week about where we get our inspiration, we forgot to mention our most important resource – Martha Stewart herself. We are extremely fortunate at the television studio to have a very regular interaction with her, and it's natural for us to get a great deal of input and suggestions.

One thing to know is that Martha loves animals -- all kinds. In December, Martha asked for a segment that demonstrated how to make a Noah's Ark-decorated tree with glittered animals, which turned out beautifully:


In January, Martha told us of a small wooden animal-decorated chest she saw on her visit to the American Antiques Show (presented by the American Folk Art Museum in New York City).


That small chest inspired this project, a child’s trunk decorated with wooden animal cutouts:


And most recently, this photo Martha took of a wall hanging at the same exhibit ...


... inspired this project, pillows with appliquéd animals:


So you can see that a number of the projects that we create for the show come from Martha herself, whether it be through a direct request or just through the ideas and photos she shows us for inspiration. As much as we are thinking and looking for ideas, so is Martha.

And I'm sure you can also see that there is a definite animal theme here - as a side note, if you're even half the animal lover Martha is, you'll want to check out our new Pet Channel on the Martha Stewart website. Lots of great information, ideas, photos, and even a blog authored by Martha's two French bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey (seriously)!

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  • Thank you so much for showing the inspiration behind this projects! I especially like the pillow. How clever.

  • Love the Noah's Ark tree. I'm also crazy about anything to do with animals. I especially love the German toy company Holztiger for their simple yet lovely wooden animals.

    Thanks for another great post.

  • I loved watching Marcia Gay Harden make these with Martha on the show and think that I'll do the animal one but in a really muted colourway - lots of cream and coffee colors!

  • I have the honor of knowing the people that Martha Stewart buys her wood cut outs from and wanted to share: Lindahl Woodcrafts, can be found on ebay, etsy. They provide the best quality and customer service I've ever seen. I had a project I was working on and they really went the extra mile for me.

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