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TV Crafts : TV Tuesday!

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Hello from TV Crafts!

We are really thrilled about the new blog! We crafters over at "The Martha Stewart Show" -- Hosanna, Aaron, Kristin and Kirsten -- will be blogging weekly on the various  goings-on in the television studio and our workroom. We have an extremely fast-paced schedule and we're always on our toes creatively, and we hope you will enjoy this small glimpse into the excitement and frenzy of our TV world.

For our first post, we thought we'd answer, or partly answer, the question we get all the time, which is, "Where do you get all your craft ideas?" The truth is: everywhere. We are always thinking of what we can bring to the show that Martha, our viewers, and our celebrity guests will find interesting, and therefore, anything we see or experience is fair game. We might be inspired by the novel way a menu is folded in a restaurant (greeting card!) or the gorgeous colors of a tropical location (crystal bead jewelry!). All four of us love to travel, and during a recent week-long show hiatus we split up (sort of) to go find inspiration outside of our New York bubble.

The gallery below shows highlights from the most interesting trip: in a very last-minute decision Aaron found cheap tickets to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and convinced Hosanna to join him.


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art deco stonework we found on a walk

Hosanna says: There is a lot to see in Buenos Aires, but if you like yarn even a little, I highly recommend hitting the yarn district located at Avenida Scalabrini Ortiz just south of Cordoba. I was almost grateful that I am not a full-fledged knitter, since there are numerous stores and with the exchange rate, it’s very inexpensive.  My tiny carry-on could only hold so much.

Purchased yarn

Hosanna purchased this high-quality yarn for about $40 USD

Look for us on Tuesdays -- we'll have more posts from ourselves as individuals and plenty of peeks behind the scenes. In the meantime, enjoy the show!

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  • You guys found really amazing pieces to share with us. I try also to take inspiration from my everyday surroundings. I won't be going to Buenos Aires anytime soon, but your blog helps to inspire.

  • Interesting pictures and you're lucky you get to travel! A framed picture of the antique buttons might look nice. I liked the idea someone came up with of filling a clear vase with them. It was in the magazine and so I tried it except with colored buttons.

    One question, does anyone know if Hannah Milman ever finished tiling her bathroom I think it was with sea glass? It was some unusual tile anyway, can't quite remember but we never saw the finished project. Thanks. Just curious. Trish

  • I went to Buenos Aires a few years ago to visit my brother who was living there. He took me to Avenida Scalabrini Ortiz and I found a lot of great yarn, too. I blogged about it and ever since, I've received a few emails a month asking about it. I put together this brief guide with answers to questions that most people ask:

  • I just heard about your new blog from Martha's twitter post. I'm so excited to dive in and start reading!


  • Hi..
    Nice blog..
    ☆ Martinha ☆

  • Hi Hosanna, Aaron, Kristin & Kirsten!
    So great to see you are doing a craft blog. Looking forward to seeing what you are up to these days.
    I'm still throwing around the glitter here, busier than ever!
    Miss you guys...when the weather warms up, why don't you have a field trip to my studio and get all covered in you-know-what. (tee hee) I have chocolate...
    Best of luck with the blog and all your awesome projects.
    Glittery hugs all around,

  • Lucky me! I live in Buenos Aires!!
    In the same avenue but driving around 10 or 12 blocks to south, you'll find leather jackets (and other clothes) stores, also at convenient prices, and excellent quality.
    I hope you find this tip useful if you travel to my city!

  • I was ordering yarn from Buenos Aires as well as Uruguay. I was very pleased with quality and unusual appearance of the product, friendly customer service and great price. It was also lots of fun to shop with those sellers and creating things out of that yarn!


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