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Make It : Bunny Costumes for the Dogs

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We know how much Martha's Dogs Sharkey and Francesca love to participate in holiday festivities- check out their new Easter bunny ears!  Below we've included some how-to details to make  a pair for that special pet (or human) in your life.

You will need:

The essential tools: templates, scissors, paintbrush, hot glue gun

gray and pink felt

fabric stiffener

elastic in matching color to your dog's coat (we used a 13" length for the small dogs)

Bunny ears step 1

STEP 1: Print out templates and cut out.  Pin templates to felt and cut out (2 of each oval shape, one circle) .  Cover surface with parchment paper and brush Fabric Stiffener onto both sides of felt pieces.  Lay pieces on a clean sheet of parchment paper until dry to touch, at least several hours.

Easter Bunny ears for Dog step 2

STEP 2: Using a hot glue gun, attach pink centers to ears, just above slit at bottom of ear.  Two tabs are formed by the small slit at bottom of ear, apply a small amount of hot glue to top of left tab and press bottom of right tab to glue until secured.  Ear should form about a 90 degree angle at bottom.

Easter Bunny ears for dog steps 3 & 4

STEPS 3 & 4:  Attach ears to felt circle, and then elastic to bottom of circle, using hot     glue gun.  

Completed Easter Bunny ears            

Voila!  Your Bunny Ears are complete!  Now wait till you see the ears on Francesca and Sharkey- they make very convincing Bunnies!  Check The Daily Wag on Friday for Photos.

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