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Open Studio : Closet Desk Conversion

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I recently moved into a new apartment and decided to turn one of the closets into a desk. I bought the surface, shelf and cabinet below from Ikea. I had to cut the surface and shelf to fit and then mounted 3 wood slats to the wall to support the desk surface.

I was excited to turn both doors and the back wall into bulletin boards. I ordered Forbo colored cork and mounted it with contact cement (low VOC) to masonite sheets. Contact cement is easy to use - the bond is made by applying the cement to both surfaces being adhered. It needs to dry for about thirty minutes and then the surfaces can be attached. The cork is ¼” thick and can be cut with a box cutter however, it still needs the rigidity of the masonite to hang properly. I bought the masonite sheets at Home Depot and had them cut to size there. The whole project including the 3 bulletin boards, surface, shelf and cabinet underneath was around $425.00.



Here are two more desk projects from Living that I have always liked.

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