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Make It : Craft Punches and Recyled Materials

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I went up to see my family this weekend and my younger brother and I enjoyed a lazy Saturday morning crafting in pajamas. We got out the craft punches and as my mom sorted the old magazines and newspapers to be recycled, Tyler and I salvaged some of the colorful scraps for making our springtime postcards.

Dove craft punch project

Magazine, newsprint, Post-it notes and Dove craft punch

Dove craft punch, recycled materials project

There's a unique satisfaction with giving materials a new life through crafting- what are your favorite ways to recycle supplies?

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  • How did you get doves punched out closer to the center of your paper? I get frustrated because it seems the punches are better used for the shape that is cut out than getting the negative space from the punch since it only reaches so far.

  • As a knitter, I'm a fan of recycled yarn! I've unraveled thrift store sweaters for yarn, or frogged items I've knit that I no longer use, so that the yarn can be re-knit into something new. My knitting friends also use thrift store sweaters to make felt!

    I also use alot of kraft paper for things. If I end up going through a few sheets of it before I get what I want, I'll lay down the discarded sheets to protect my work space if I'm painting or using glue. Sometimes they turn into their own works of art as a result!

  • well I recycle my brown paper bags into books, journals and other things:

  • So pretty. I think I need that punch!

  • Love it! I'm slowly, but surely collecting my Martha Punches...I get 2 or 3 each week if I can (love those 40-50% off Michael's coupons!!)...I don't have the dove though! I simply must get it! :) I also sell paper goods in my Etsy shop that have been created using Martha crafts products!

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Lindsey,
    I just used the punch in the normal manner... maybe some of the white punched pieces I glued down look like negative space? I understand your dilemma! Could you piece together smaller bits of punched paper in order to get your shapes closer to the center of the paper? I'll pass on your concerns to the merchandising department!

  • Can you tell me how the maple leaf was punched in the front of the envelope on page 118 of the Fall 2009 issue of MS Weddings? It seems to me that the punch would go through both the front and back of the envelope. My daughter and I really want to use this idea for her save the dates! Thanks so much.

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