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Make It : Easy Easter Eggs

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My sister-in-law invited my family over to decorate Easter eggs this weekend and I was digging around the office for inspiration for some easy ideas for my nieces, nephew and little sons to try. I started playing with the rub-downs and 3-D stickers that are in the Martha Stewart Crafts line. I especially love the glitter letters and the 3-D flowers. They make dyed eggs look fancy super-fast. I think us big kids will have as much fun as the little ones!

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I LOVE these rub-downs. I thought we could make some egg place cards for Easter dinner.

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  • [...] BUT… I love the easy eggs over at the Craft Department.(hello- like my new favorite haunt!) [...]

  • Love the creative eggs! Did MSO put out any Easter crafts this season?

  • These are adorable! I'm so excited about the crafts dept. blog. I'll be coming back often. (just read about it on Etsy)

  • Very creative and beautiful!

  • These eggs are so pretty......I'll be looking in my scrapbooking supplies for stray stickers that didn't get used yet. Great for the younger kids too.
    I'll be looking for penguin & fish at Etsy. I'm there too :)

  • Reference: "Silk" Easter Eggs
    A suggestion: Silk fabric is loved for two properties, (1) its total comfort in hot or cold weather, (2) it's great ability to accept strong dye colors. I heard Martha say they had tried cotton prints for this project but it didn't work. They were investigating the "science". My suggestion is to try any dark print on a rayon fabric background. Rayon is the only other fabric that accepts dye as well as silk, however it is unbearable to wear on a hot day. I think the colors may be as intense for this project as is any silk print.

    Cynthia Jutzin

  • Jodi ... sorry that I didn't see this post before Easter ... what pretty, pretty eggs! Also, I wanted to let you know about our kids website,, in case we can help provide some fun Kids craft ideas for the site or show. We love coming up with new and fun crafts for kids. Cheers!

  • Hi Jodi,
    I really miss your creative and beautiful posts.
    Good luck and God bless

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