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Celebrate : Fiesta Party!

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A couple of weeks ago, we threw a fiesta birthday party for my fellow associate crafts designer, Shae. The theme fit because Shae is obsessed with Mexican food (we ordered Mexican for lunch in her honor). I made guacamole and baked tortilla bowls to put it in– these bowls look impressive and are easy to make! We also filled a mini piñata with Shae's favorite treats. And I found this amazing garland at my favorite shop, Parcel.

I used a simple origami folding technique to make Shae's birthday card.


Picture 11 of 12 should end up with a chain like this...

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  • Everything looks so fun! Great ideas and tips!

  • Wow Valerie! What a neat and fun way to celebrate with Mexican Flair. I'll be sure to incorporate those tips into my next taco throwdown. Adios!

  • This is the best idea for a birthday party! I'm going to save this as inspiration for my husband's birthday. I love the card and the little pinata :)

  • Love your new post. The card is beautifully done and so creative, love the chain idea.
    Thanks Valerie
    God bless you all

  • Where can I get the bandana print paper? My 4-H club is putting together a book and are looking for similar paper without success!
    The card is great- it remind s me of the secret message Valentine.

  • The papers are such a rich color, I just loved it. Im really enjoying your craft blog.

  • Hi there,

    The bandana paper is available at Michael's, however, the supply might be short because I think it's being discontinued. Glad you like it!


  • Too bad about the discontinued bandana paper. The card looks really neat made with it!

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  • Awesome blog post, I have been on the look out

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