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Make It : Happy April Fool's Day!

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Here's lookin' at you on April Fool's Day!

I have to admit that I'm obsessed with googley eyes! My fascination with the charming little craft supply is in part due to Amy Sedaris' googley eye craft challenge. Leading up to today, I inconspicuously placed googley eyes all around the office in attempt to incite smiles. I encourage you all to do the same (and share if you'd like)...




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... better to see you with...

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  • Okay, now you've got me looking around for my stash of Googley eyes! Thanks - it's a cute idea.

  • I love the colored googley eyes! Way better than just plain black and white!

  • I would love to come in to work to find googley eyes on my coffee mug!

  • hehehe!

  • you have the best job ever

  • this is adorable, valerie! you should pair your googly-eye rocks with the scissors and some paper (w/ eyes of course) for a group shot!

  • you are putting faces in all kinds of places.

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