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Inspiration Board : Balloons

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For most people Spring is marked with longer days and budding flowers. For some reason, this year I am feeling the passage with balloons.


I found this photo a few months ago (but of course forgot to mark where from - anyone know?) and think it has to be one of the most perfect party shots ever.


I love this shot from the Glamorous Reception story from the Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. Those big, round balloons are fantastic.


On a more surreal note, this shot by Tim Walker (whose book I am adding to my wish list immediately) just couldn't make me happier. To make these high-flyers at home, the miniature helium tank offered by Balloon Time is an essential tool.


If blue isn't your color, how about this pink print from the Spring line at Built By Wendy?

Still no? Why not try red?

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  • These pictures are so beautiful! Balloons come in so many cool colors, these days. And every time I see them, I think of the balloon bouquets that my grandparents would get for me every year on my birthday. There were always purple balloons (my favorite) around one silvery mylar balloon. I would be devastated when it finally deflated, but my mother would then flatten the balloon out and let me use it as a placemat for a week or so, just to extend the fun a little longer!

  • Dear Crafters,

    The ballons-in-windows shot looks like Union Station downtown Dallas. I was a catering manager there in the 80's and we used to use balloons for our more festive occasions! The venue is an actual train station still in use that troops used to come through during World War II.

    Jill Cody
    Dallas, Texas

  • I approve. jc

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