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Inspiration Board : Paper Fashion

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As much as I like working with paper-like fabrics I am equally intrigued by the idea of using paper in lieu of fabric itself. I love the use of pattern paper in this opener from a summer 2006 Weddings story about dress shapes.





These paper creations by Petra Storrs for Sublime Magazine are truly amazing. It's hard to tell where the clothing ends and the paper begins.


fa_danche_1Eloise Corr Danch uses patterned and what look like embroidered papers to create these rococo inspired designs. If you're in New York, you can see her work in person now (not dresses, but equally beautiful paper flowers) at Macy's in Herald Square for their annual flower show on through Sunday the 19th.


For further reading on the subject, this book about the work of Isabelle De Borchgrave looks incredible - paper recreations of fashions from the Medici Court to early 20th century designs. I can't find many images from the interior online. . . looks like I might just have to add another item to my amazon wish list.

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  • Amazing creations - I particularly like the Rococo design - I've always been intruiged by paniers - they would have hid a multitude of sins!
    I wonder if any of the designers have explored working with Tyvek fabric? It can be shaped, painted, stitched and distorted with heat - endless possiblities.......

  • I can't stop staring at the first picture in the post. It's gorgeous!

  • I used to make paper dresses for fun in college, these pictures are amazing! This has inspired me to start making them again!

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