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Around Town : Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts Book Signing at Michaels in Westbury NY

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Hi Everyone,

I am so excited about the launch of the new Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts book and I wanted to share some photos with you from a book signing I attended with Martha.

On Friday April 3rd I traveled with Martha to Michaels in Westbury NY where she signed copies of her new book, Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts. While Martha was busy signing copies I was demonstrating some projects from a few different chapters of the book (G for glitter and P for punch). I brought the polka dotted glittered eggs I made with Martha on her show last week and demonstrated a few techniques.

I wanted to give a shout out to everyone that came despite the rain. As you can see from the pictures we all had a great time sharing our glittering techniques and punching paper.


Picture 30 of 30

Me with Martha and Alex Perruzzi

Craft on!


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  • I would have loved to have been there! I can't wait to see the new book and try all the crafty projects :)

  • It looks like you guys had a great time! I had an amazing time attending the craft show taping and my first experience as a Martha audience member! I hope you guys will be coming to the Westchester area for a signing soon!!! oxoxo

  • Hi Hannah
    Saw your craft tweet come through this morning and came over to read your blog . About how many crafters showed up to get their books signed? What was the best selling glitter of the day, the color? Did you teach a lot of folks how to craft or did they just watch, did they take part in learning anything from the book or was it all to noisy and busy to really get down to techniques?
    I enjoy our visits to Martha's show, lets hope next season there are many ore this season is about to come to a close in about a month then reruns ugh!
    Happy Spring to you.

  • Hello everyone, Just wanted to know if anyone can help me. I am looking all over the website for a listing of book signings , does anyone know where on the website I can find that or do you know where marthas book signings will be for the book launch. Thank you

  • Crafter Comment:

    There are no more scheduled book signings yet. Hopefully soon. We'll keep you posted.

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Pam from California,

    I wanted to try to answer a few of your questions. We had a great turnout at the book signing, a couple hundred crafters came. I was planning on just doing a demo but it quickly turned into a make and take. Crafters were purchasing items throughout the store to glitter and take home with them. One crafter even purchased a plastic penguin to glitter for a friend. We all had such a great time!


  • Hi my name is Michele .I'm the lady in the picture with the denim bedazzeled jacket.My labor of love! What an honor to have met Martha Stewart ( A DREAM COME TRUE) and a privlege to be asked to take a picture of my jacket . It was an experiance of a life time. Thank You for bringing such a wonderful craft book to all us.

  • I'm so sad! I live about ten minutes from that Michaels and would have loved to come for the signing if I had known about it. I just bought the encyclopedia today and have been poring over it, excitedly planning all of the projects I want to do. I have every issue of MSL from 1991 to the present but it's so much easier to find the projects in one place, in the book. Plus, I see there are several projects that came from the Kids magazine too! Congratulations to everyone involved in bringing this great book to completion.

    (And I love your blog too!)

  • Dear Hannah,

    Thanks to you and your wonderful Team for a terrific day with Martha at Michael's.

    Seeing Martha was so exciting, and no amount of rain could damper any of the excitement.

    The pink glittered penguin was definitely a hit at my friend's birthday party, and I thank you so much for helping me with that. In the middle of all the glittered eggs along came a penguin :-)

    It was a wonderful event and the book is a masterpiece, with so many terrific ideas!

    Looking forward to the next event!


  • Dear Hannah,
    I was surfing Martha's website today and found out you have a blog too, I read your blog and decided to post a comment. Although I am late in posting my comment but I just want to say my daughter Kelly and I had a blast at the book signing last April in Westbury. It was a great honor to have met you and Martha in person, it's a dream come true. Kelly had a great time glittering eggs with Lauren and Kristen. I actually used your idea in my cub scout den meeting and had all the kids glitter their eggs as craft of the week. Everyone took home a glittered egg with a smile. :)
    I wanted to let you know that we (my son, James and daughter, Carol and myself) enjoy our visit to Martha's Show, we had an amazing first experience as Martha audience members. Thank you very much!
    I was just wondering, have you written a book about the crafts you created over the years? Or a compilation of crafts you did and make a book?
    Can't wait for August for the next season of Martha's Show. :)
    Have a great and fun summer!


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