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Open Studio : Nick Andersen

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The needle and tension control

This is where I sew at home in Brooklyn. I don't have a great view of the city but I love my sewing machines. I have a a Juki DDL-5550-6, a single needle industrial machine, it was rebuilt and it's seen better days but it was a steal. I also have  a Juki home serger that really needs to be serviced. The industrial machine is great because it goes incredibly fast, it took me almost  a year to get used to the speed! It will also sew through anything, I repaired some shoes on it once. It's great for most of my sewing projects but I do miss the precision of the Pfaff we use in the office with automatic backstitching and thread cutting. Another downside of an industrial machine is that it's attatched to a table and it weighs over 100 pounds! It's not going anywhere...

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  • Juki's are a great brand but I just purchased a new industrial Sunstar KM-340BL and I'd have to say it is my new favorite. It has been dubbed the "Wonder Machine". It has a walking foot that is amazing! I can't believe the difference it makes. Whether I'm sewing canvas, silk or organza - it does a beautiful job on all - no puckers or problems with fabrics feeding through unevenly. It's fabulous!

  • so cute

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