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Open Studio : Organized at TV (and at home)

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Today’s TV Tuesday blog post written by Hosanna, Lead Crafter at Television and slightly OCD.

Ok, so I hear it a lot. "Who is the obsessive person who put these up?"


And I have to admit I did it. Sure, it seems above and beyond being organized, but with so many people in and out of our supply storage at TV, it helps reduce the constant question of "where is...?". When setting up the TV Crafts workroom, I really thought about what setup and labeling would be most helpful, and best allow people to be independent on their quest. Supermarket aisles and aisle markers seemed like the obvious way to go.

Within these aisles are the famous p-touch-labeled bins. When I started freelancing for MSLO, I was beside myself to see bins with labels telling me what was in them. Don’t get me wrong, I love mystery bins and boxes as well (and discovering what lies within) but when trying to make a craft, it's just awesome to grab that bin labeled with your need.


I actually bought my p-touch before I even started working at Martha, so the organizing bug has been with me for a long time -- it's not just a work thing. At home, a particular organizational frustration of mine was my unusually-sized Everyday Food magazines, which have been stored in growing stacks under a counter, where I never used them. I realized I wasn't the only one when Anduin, our art director at TV, designed this simple box to keep her EDF's organized and shared it with our viewers.


It took me a few months to finally make mine; of course I had to make a shelf/box for the cookbooks first to sit on top of the frig. But now the magazine holders sit on the shelf, and we can finally get to them. My boyfriend and I now have a game of "what's for dinner" in the morning -- we grab an issue and go from there.


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  • Thanks so much for posting this project. My stacks of EF are beginning to topple over and the timing couldn't be more perfect.

  • I recently got a p touch and love it. I've labeled all my bins in my crafty room. It makes me so happy! :)

  • That sounds like a dream to me:)
    I have every issue of MSLiving except the very first one. It wasn't available in Canada in the beginning.....I am getting shelves custom made for my beloved collection.

    I had a professional organizer come in last year and I started off by saying,' I will not, and I repeat WILL NOT, ever get rid of my MS's.'
    I got rid of a basement full of stuff collected over 40 years but I STILL HAVE MY Marthas:)

  • Thanks for the idea - I've just added a p touch to my list of "must haves". Trying to keep a full time studio organized keeps me running!

  • This is a great post! very helpful and inspiring!
    God Bless

  • THANK YOU! My EDFs are stacked high and constantly out of order! I can't wait to make my box for them!

  • This is perfect timing. I,too,have been struggling with EF storage. This is a great idea, and I am sure that it will result in much more use of EF in my kitchen. I have been trying to find baskets that are the correct size, etc. No luck. Thanks for coming to my rescue. And for the idea of "What's for Dinner?" Fun idea.

  • How wonderfully organized! I must say, the photo of the aisle numbers made me think of the aisle headings in the supermarket--very clever!

  • *sigh* I just wanted the post to go on for pretty much ever. But it had to end and I'm organizing my bedroom closet (I call it my's the biggest one I've had...)and I needed this reminder to label everything!

    Great post!

  • Yes...I can appreciate this post! I too am all about being clutter free and organized this year.
    I even "organized and labeled" my blog with this new concept in mind!!

  • Me again! For those wanting to see my new clutter free it is! haha

  • We love our P-Touch too! With our many bows, ribbons, gift bags, packaging materials, gift basket supplies, office supplies and more...we have to stay organized in order to find what we need...right when we need it! You are not OCD - just detailed! Great Job!

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