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Make It : Silk-dyed Eggs

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This post from the television crew written by Kirsten Earl, TV Crafter and singer of showtunes ....

Today, as we wrap up another week of shooting, I just wanted to share with you some photos from my favorite craft I worked on this week: silk-dyed Easter eggs.  Jackie Blais, from our audience department, introduced us to this craft a few years ago, using pieces from old silk ties. This time we skipped "cutting up our husbands' ties" (as Martha says) and bought a 1/2 yard or less of several beautiful, bright silks at the great Manhattan fabric stores B & J and Mood.

The gallery below shows a piece of each silk with the egg it produced.


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If you missed our segment and would like to learn how to do this, check out our corresponding online article. It's a great craft to do with kids, and even the less-than-perfect ones (I had many of those, too!) are beautifully colorful.

Happy Easter and Passover weekend!

Comments (7)

  • great blog really fabulous crafts thanks everyone involved

  • How in the world do I get a job in your crafts department!?! I want to come play every day!
    I love these eggs! I saw this done a few years ago and I wanted to try it, but then I forgot about it until now, so thank you. They are beautiful.

  • These egss were so beautiful I had to try them right away. So I ran to my husbands closet as I was wathing Martha's show and cut up his tie. Unfortunatly the colors didnt come out as bright and beautiful as Martha's. Even though the tag said 100% silk - I have a feeling his tie may have been a silk blend. I'll try this craft again after purchasing silk from the fabric store.

  • Has anyone tried the silk dyed eggs using a regular steel pot?

  • WOW!!! very creative and fabulous project. Love the result so beautiful.
    Thank you

  • I tried this twice. Once with a steel pot and once with a glass pot. All I got was white eggs! Does the material have to be 100% silk or can it be a blend? What did I do wrong.

  • Holy cow! I must try this! Want to see if the technique will transfer to other mediums as well. The effect looks stunning!

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