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Make It : TV Headband Party

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Today's TV Tuesday blog post written by Hosanna, Lead Crafter at Television:

One thing I love about living in NYC is watching how trends start and build by looking at people on the subway. Back in the fall I started to notice girls wearing simple feather headbands. "Easy craft, anyone can do it!" I thought to myself – and maybe even a nice craft to do on the show.

As the months passed, the headbands on the subway girls started to get more elaborate and abundant, and I knew it was time to pitch the craft as a segment. I made a feather headband for myself to wear around the studio and immediately got compliments, so I made a few more for others to wear. As they multiplied across our studio like they did on the subway, it became clear to our producers that this would make a great, popular craft segment.

While we’ve been waiting to find the perfect place in the show schedule for the segment, I have had a lot of women at the studio ask about how to make them. Which lead to me hosting a little after-work headband party. Everyone brought and shared her own headbands, feathers, and findings, and I provided the glue, advice, and snacks.


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Lan, Anne, Jackie and Laura

The supplies to create your own headband are easy to find and actually rather inexpensive (about $10, compared to the $40-$200 finished products I saw on the subway), and I love that everyone was able to make a band that was unique to their style.

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  • I love this! I have been inspired by the embellished sweaters at stores like Anthropologie to throw a "cardi-party," people bring a sweater they would like to embellish with their ever-present box of stuff to use and share. Everyone would bring a different technique to the table and you could have an inspiration board to help grow ideas!

  • Oh man, you had this party without me!?
    Fab stuff!

  • I love these! Can't wait to see the segment on tv. I'm going to start brainstorming... Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow. What an awesome craft!! I'm ashamed to admit it, but I was watching last night's episode of the Hills and I was more taken by this hat that Heidi was wearing, than anything else in the episode. You can see it here: I'm a knitter and the hat looks like crochet, but this craft idea makes me think that I might actually be able to make my own version!

  • i love it! great headbands.

  • Crafter Comment:

    Don't worry Dani, it was a small first time trial party, to see how it would go. But I am thinking there are going to be more, since it was a hit!

  • Crafter Comment:

    love the "cardi-party" idea! i told the ladies in my department about your idea, and everyone responded with excitement about it. i really think that the craft party idea in general is a lot of fun, and it puts everyone in such a good mood.

  • This is great! My sister and I have been wanting to make our own headbands for a while since buying one at a Craft fair a while back. I haven't been able to find the skinnier plastic or metal headbands (only wide fabric ones which I don't like as much). could you tell me where you found the skinny headbands you used? I'm in NYC so if it's a local store all the better! thanks!

  • I love this idea, I can't wait to see the segment on tv too :)

  • I would love to know where in NYC in bought those feathers! Please provide a source. Thank you!

  • What a great idea! An another neat idea for having some friends over to have fun.

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