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Open Studio : Welcome to Open Studio

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We got such a great response to our posts about the craft room, we thought it would be fun to show you where we work when were not working, if you know what I mean. So, for the next few weeks, every Thursday we will give a small studio tour of our personal crafting spaces & work rooms. We may regret this decision once you all discover that the organizational skills that keep our department craft room in check don't necessarily extend to our spaces at home, but that's a risk we're willing to take. Just please, don't tell Martha.


Living in a shared 750 sq.ft. one bedroom apartment, the idea of a separate craft room is a dream I have yet to reach. All of my work gets done on our dining table and gets swapped out for meal times. I keep most of my supplies in a glass door cabinet from ikea. It's the perfect hiding place. Thanks to boxes, drawers & bins from Muji & Ikea, I manage to keep it pretty organized.

03crofficeWorking on some new leather link jewelry (after breakfast had been cleared) with my morning coffee.






It's pretty crammed full - you may even notice some relics from Martha Stewart stories past. Recognize anything? Hint. Hint. And hint.

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  • Oh, it's time for me to clean up my craft space so it looks more like yours again! It's amazing how it can look like a bomb went off so quickly after doing a few projects!

    That leather chain project looks like fun! Can't wait to check it out. Thanks.

  • Wow, I like your cabinet of supplies!

  • I just recently re-did a guest room in my house so that I could have a neater crafting space. I put some pics up on my personal blog, here... I used Ikea to organize, too. It's really nice to have my yarn stash out of ugly plastic boxes, but I still think I need some baskets or something to keep everything in check.

    I, too, love your cabinet...but I love your dining table and chairs even more!

  • WOW- very organized storage cabinet! It reminds me of the craft show in which Martha organized a amoire (sp?)filled with craft supplies.

  • Finally a reason to look forward to Thursdays! I love taking a peek into the creative spaces of others. What a wonderful (multifunctional) craft space!

  • Great to know that even the pros sometimes have to make due with the multi-purpose dining room table for a studio! Thanks for sharing : )

  • I don't know what it is about seeing someone else's creative space that is so wonderful, but I love it! Keep them coming!

  • These open studio blogs are great! They will help give me ideas for my own space at home. I look forward to seeing many more!

  • Both my roommate and I wish we could afford a 3BR home just for a craft room. Alas, we have to work with the small space we have as well! Thanks for the inspiration that even a pro doesn't always get the space they wish for! It has inspired me to think about reorganizing my goodies!

  • I always love seeing peoples creative spaces! This will be a fun thing to keep coming back to and checking on. I think the key with this one is the organization. For some people, it seems as though their "studios" are all about the inspiration. I'm trying to combine both!

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