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TV Crafts : A friend is a present you give to yourself.

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TV Tuesday post by Kristin, TV Crafter and one of "The Girls"

"the girls" minus one... Nicki :( ... she's in SF.

I am very blessed to have the most amazing group of best friends. Friends I have had since birth -- literally. There are six of us (Amanda, Amy, Jackie, Nicki, Melanie, and myself) and our birthdays are scattered throughout the year. Amy's birthday was the most recent -- April 24th -- and at around the same time, I happened to be working on this really cute segment for the show: bottle cap frame magnets. Amy lives with Melanie and they deck out their fridge with photos and magnets, so I thought a set featuring our six faces would be a perfect little present-topper to add to Amy's gift.

The reactions of the girls when Amy opened the box (and our faces were staring up at her) were so much more than I expected. The littlest homemade gifts can make the biggest impact! I photographed the fridge throughout the night and got some great shots -- you can see we all had some fun with them.


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All of us: Amy, Melanie, Nicki, Kristin, Amanda, & Jackie.

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  • Hello,

    I'm a brand-new reader and have spent all of my work break clicking through your archives! I've always been a Martha fan, but now I'm a Craft Dept fan too! So much inspiration, I hardly know where to start! Thank you!


  • These are great! I'd love to make some of these for my sisters.

    Also, loved your marbled paper episode last Friday!

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