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I've been dying to tell you about my favorite shop in Montclair, NJ.  Parcel was actually part of the reason I decided to move to the neighborhood I live in (Montclair also has an awesome movie theater)!  I've never known a shop as lovingly curated as this one.  I've come to know its proprietor, Nancy, after spending many Saturday afternoons rummaging through the shop's pleasantly- overwhelming variety of contents.  Forgive me for quoting the little mermaid, but "She's got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, she's got whozits and whatzits galore.  You want thingamabobs?  She's got twenty!.."  But, seriously, Parcel is worth the trip out to good 'ole Jersey.  And Nancy is simply the best... anyone who has a faux bookcase door leading into her office is alright in my book.


The shop is located in what used to be a bookstore.  Nancy transformed every nook and cranny into delightful trinket troves filled with vintage game pieces, letters and numbers, bingo cards, ribbons, wrapping paper, etc, etc, etc... 




This was something she was particularly excited about last time I was there...  "Festoon" are little parcels that Nancy fills with party treasures to give as a gift or decorate with... swoon!

You can usually find me sorting through the vintage letter pieces for hours.  I'm always one letter away from spelling out "hooray" or "thank you" for a card...


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