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Behind the Scenes : Lasting Impressions

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If you don't already have your June '09 Martha Stewart Living Issue... grab one before it's too late!  I'm really excited about the summer crafts story entitled "Lasting Impressions".  It is full of simple (yet sophisticated) printing projects that can take as little as 20 minutes to create.  Here's a behind-the-scenes peek at the photo shoot!

It all started last summer when we set out to scout the perfect location.  Stephen (the MSL Art Director of this story) packed a nutritious breakfast of CUPCAKES!

summer printing scout cupcakes for breakfast

We headed off to Long Island where we scouted several locations until we found two that we loved.  We found this bathtub-

summer printing scout bathtub

which would later become this-

Summer Printing Fish Print Bathtub

photo by Ditte Isager

We headed back into the city, very excited about the locations we'd found!  Of course we had to stop at this roadside market, to sample the local produce.

Stephen and Popeye

Stephen Johnson and Popeye


beach sunrise summer printing shoot Martha Stewart Living

photo by Ditte Isager

A few weeks later we were ready to shoot on the beach in Amagansett, New York as the sun came up.  A very early morning but what beautiful light!

sarong clothesline summer printing Martha Stewart Living June 2009

photo by Ditte Isager

We always like to have options, so there are often extra shots that can't fit into a story.  This clothesline shot didn't make the cut, but you will find a close-up of one of the printed sarongs in the magazine as well as the step-by-step  how-to for that and other projects.  

behind the scenes summer printing Martha Stewart Living June 2009

Can you find the photo in Living that matches this behind-the-scenes shot?

Stephen and I were trying our hands at Photo Assisting- I think we did a pretty good job of holding the scrim.  Stephen has another hidden talent- he does an excellent Elmo voice!  That really came in handy for keeping the kids (and us) entertained.  The woman sitting in the sand is our lovely photographer Ditte Isager.

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  • Oh how interesting! I love seeing behind the scenes posts. Pity the clothesline shot didn't make the cut - it's a beauty.

  • Those cupcakes look divine! I want cupcakes for breakfast! Well, it's 11am - maybe I will have them in an hour for lunch.

    LOVE your bathtub and how you did the wall. Gorgeous!

  • very impressive! Love your post!
    God bless

  • I too love the Behind-the-scenes post. Fun to see the process involved in getting content to the magazine. Thank you!!

  • Very interesting blog. It certainly takes a special talent to envision the finished product. I never would have thought the bathtub showed so much promise!

  • I have made light shades of hanging plant baskets. I would love to share the pictures of these. They are quite unusual; I have never seen these wrought iron baskets used this way. Can I do this somewhere on

  • Crafter Comment:

    keep an eye out for crafty contests we run on You'll be able to post your project there.

  • I love this behind-the-scenes peek at the photo shoot - I hope you post more in the future! What really struck me is the importance of lighting - being up at the crack of dawn to catch the perfect light on the beach, and the lighting in that bathroom adds so much to the shot!

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