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TV Crafts : From the florist

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Today's TV Tuesday post by Aaron Caramanis:


We all take our turns developing “nature crafts” around here at TV, whether it’s glittering twigs, gluing down seashells, or embellishing eggs. I also have sole responsibility of overseeing all the floral content for the show. Flower arranging for me is where crafting and gardening intersect. At its root, you simply bundle and add water. But this last season I also have familiarized myself with new materials and techniques that I’m excited to add to my bag of tricks. Just before Valentine’s Day, I discovered that clear water storing polymers, made by Crystal Accents, work as an excellent alternative to a frog for a romantic centerpiece (above). Also, when designing some David Monn-inspired arrangements for our Ask The Wedding Experts segment; I used Oasis Rainbow Foam Bricks in ivory as the foundation for 3 lacey baby’s breath blocks filled with giant pink ranunculus.

If you live in the Tri-State area, or happen to be visiting New York City on holiday, you should definitely make the 28th Street Flower Market a destination. In addition to all the stunning wholesale cut-flower vendors, who are only open in the morning hours, there are several floral supply vendors, such as Jamali and B&J. These purveyors of basic glass vases also carry a huge assortment of seasonal decorations that will enhance any event you’re having with a touch of sparkle and fantasy, so be sure to check them out.

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