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Inspiration Board : Playing Cards

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Have you seen these new "love" stamps? There's something that's both totally classic & totally sweet about the king & queen of hearts motif. I had to buy them immediately. 


They also prompted me to look through our playing card collection here in the prop house. I love the dense patterning on the card backs, as well as the simpler versions. The gold suit motif on the bottom left is a personal favorite.



I was really taken with the design on this pack of vintage cards from France. I love the modified club design & the squat proportions of the numbers. A great take on the classic. 

Remember this project from the first issue of Blueprint? A great way to showcase all these great designs.

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  • I never thought of using playing cards as inspiration. The patterns on these ones are so pretty! I love the red ones in the second row.

  • You don't have to get vintage French playing cards to find the lovely clubs, most modern French cards also have that design. There is also a French card game called Tarot which uses a special deck (not all related to tarot cards that read the future). The Tarot decks can also have some pretty fabulous designs.

  • If you love playing cards check out those by Binth. Great design.

  • Ooo the new Love playing card stamps seem perfect for wedding related mailings - usually their Love stamps are too cheesy for me.

  • oh, to live in a prop house...or have access!

  • i bought these for my wedding stationery, they definitely fit our wedding more than a cheesy heart or traditional wedding ring stamps!

  • i have been seeing some pretty cool handmade playing cards lately! thanks for putting together this feature.

    btw, i miss blueprint...sigh...

  • Hi Connie,
    My daughter's birthday party was on Valentine's day, we used the queen of heart project from your Valentines workshop. The invitations were queen of heart, it was a seated dinner birthday so we placed on each plate queen of heart card with their names on. It was an amazing birthday! Wish I can send you photos.
    Thanks Craft Dept for always inspiring us.
    Love your posts!
    God Bless

  • another one great resource!

    i really love those wall posters of playing cards!

    would be nice to have prints which look like those old printed book covers.

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  • you are FUN

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