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Inspiration Board : The Irish Coast

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Last summer I spent a week traveling along the southern coast of Ireland. It was an amazing trip. I was really taken with the natural patterns in the landscape. I kept thinking to myself, if I were a textile designer this would be my inspiration. Wouldn't you just love an entire summer wardrobe in these patterns and colors?





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  • Mother Nature makes the most amazing patterns. Thanks for sharing those pics. I might have to try working some of those into some floorcloth designs!

  • I also saw some amazing patterns when I visited Ireland. Loved your photos...

  • Those really are eye-catching and beautiful.

  • As a photographer I appreciate the capture of these patterns and textures. Isolating the interesting gems that are all around us everywhere in the world is what good photography is all about.
    Most all of our inspirations for design and art come from natures own creations.
    Great photographs!

  • You have a great eye!

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