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More from our library...

Sometimes excitement over one particular book or resource will be the starting point for a whole story or craft project. Here are a few more of our favorites, each very different but all worth seeking out because they are so amazingly dense with inspiration, and such a pleasure to read and learn from.

Above are two books by the artist Esther K. Smith, both filled with information about the craft of book making, showing many types of binding techniques but also ingenious little books you can make with just a single sheet of paper... I've made millions of birthday cards inspired by her.


Below is book of photographs of Charleston, the house associated with England's Bloomsbury Group, which was a major source of inspiration for color and pattern for our Stenciling story from September 2008. I never get tired of looking at it...


Before my time in the crafts department this beautiful story about Pressing Seaweed was produced. (a great project to think about as you plan your summer activities...) It drew inspiration from this amazing book, which has so much beautiful imagery and lots of historical information... The last image is an example of pressed seaweed from one of the projects, which were included in the craft book.

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