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Make It : More Scrapbooking (!?)

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Funny that I should post about scrapbooking again (did I mention that my wedding photos are still in a box ... my 13th anniversary is coming up).

Anyway, I thought I'd share my way of keeping some of the kids' memories:

In their rooms I've simply strung lengths of twill tape, that I clip artwork, certificates, photos to (and yes, I do make photo collages from each of their birthday parties that double as thank you notes as well as memorykeeping).


I use those mini clothespins you can buy at the craft stores. Really easy, quick, and quite decorative.


In their playroom (soon to be back to a dining room I hope), Ben's 'artwork' had a different original meaning: It was my husband's birthday and my son, as a then-typical 2-year-old, wanted to get balloons for 'Daddy's party'. Since my younger son was just born 5 days before, I wasn't up to getting out to buy balloons .. so my older son drew some: Scribbles on pieces of paper we hung from the ceiling.


They've been there ever since.


Since I'm hoping to slowly get the playroom back to a dining room, it might be time to loose the 'balloons'. But I think I found the perfect way to replace them .... and add another way of 'scrapbooking' to my life.


It is my fellow German Ingo Maurer's Zettel'z Chandelier, which you can buy here. Can't wait to replace the little scribbles it comes with, with our own memories ... it's easy enough after all.

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