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Inspiration Board : Paris in the springtime!

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Some photos from my recent trip to France...

Paris Metro Mosaic

Beautiful mosaic in a Paris Metro station

Paris storefronts

Colorful storefronts by the canal

wrapped pastry Paris bakery

I love the way this croissant was wrapped- folded in parchment with the corners twisted... and how cute is that paper?!

Parisian hot chocolate

You wouldn't believe this HOT CHOCOLATE! Melted chocolate with a small pitcher of steamed milk on the side.

More photos to come- Versailles and Saint Tropez!


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  • Wish I were there.....sigh........more pictures please!

  • I was in Paris for the first time last year. It was right around this time and it was truly magical! I cried when I saw la tour eiffel, and every subsequent time thereafter (tears of joie, of course!). Thanks for reminding me of the wonderful place I was in a mere year ago.

  • Paris est une beaut√© incroyable, my husband and our kids visit Paris in the summer and we love it. I am sure you did too. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.
    God Bless

  • Beautiful photographs, the hot chocolate looks amazing! I can't wait to see more photographs!

  • Oh dear, I am drooling over that *gorgeous* hot chocolate. Why oh why can't you find chocolate like that here in the States!? Or if you can, please let me know where... :) Lovely photos; can't wait to see more from Versailles & Saint Tropez!

  • well this is quite exciting. i had no idea the craft dept of ms had a blog! and now i know and will never look back! fantastic!

  • Ooh La la! Paris in springtime! I've been trying to get to Paris for many years and have not gone yet. PLEASE post more pics- to keep my dream alive and refreshed. The city looks wonderful Does the Eiffel Tower sparkle on the hour with twinkling lights? It's awesome that you shared with everyone.

  • that chocolate looks delicious, I can't imagine how it tasted (or maybe I can)...

  • Oh my gosh!! I want to go back to Paris!! What a romantic visit was in know... "April in Paris" ?? OHHHHH!!
    More photos please Of Versailles and Sant Tropes....

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