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Celebrate : Party Hat Showdown: Happy Birthday Martha Stewart Crafts!

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This week marks the anniversary of the Martha Stewart Crafts line launch– our second birthday! Rather than throwing another party, we rounded up the team for a friendly craft competition that I like to call the "Party Hat Showdown." We set out all of our craft supplies and products and gave contestants 30 minutes to create a party hat. As soon as the glue guns were hot and the clock started, people grabbed materials and got to punching, folding, glittering, you-name-it... There were three prize ribbons to win and the crafters were more competitive than I could have imagined! In the end, Associate Art Director, Michelle won the first place ribbon, I (to my surprise) won 2nd, and Associate Product Manager, Lauren came in third. However, everyone was a winner in the showdown... check out the contestant gallery for hats that were given awards such as "Most Fashionable", "Best Flower Power", and "Most Curly"!


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Marketing Director, Jackie won best "Mini Hat"



We asked Hannah (of course) and EVP of Merchandising, Patsy Pollack to judge the hats...


Check out this gallery to see the contestants hard at work...


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Comments (6)

  • oooohhh all those punches and's like craft heaven!!

  • Oh I know I mention this almost daily, but when I grow up, I want to work in the MS Crafts Department:)
    Happy Happy Birthday:)

  • How fun!! What a fun way to celebrate. Those are fantastic.

  • Oh!!! I love this post. What a great birthday party game. The guests could design their own hats just like y'all! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • Happy Birthday MS Craft!
    I could not live without your Inspiration and supplies!
    Your Craftroom is like I died and went to heaven!

  • That looked so fun! Our family did that for New Years Eve one year. The kids, the parents and the grandparents all had to make them. No time limit, so the perfectionists spent forever on them! :-) It was funny to see what the guys came up with. My brother made his look like an elephant and my dad's had a beard attached. Was a great way to keep everyone busy!

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