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Inspiration Board : Saint Tropez!

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Some more photos from my recent trip to France!

Saint Tropez houses

I love the muted and beachy colors of these buildings on the waterfront

Saint Tropez Market

We were lucky enough to catch the big Tuesday Market- what a treat!

Saint Tropez blue shutters

Even the trash in France is beautiful! We came across these discarded shutters near the beach. The beautiful blue is a common sight on doors and windows around the town.

Saint Tropez at night

Though the beach was lovely, walking around the quaint streets at night was one of my favorite parts of Saint Tropez.

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  • Saint Tropez! est beau.
    We visit France in the summer and my love it.
    Merci for sharing your pictures.
    Bonne chance Blake
    God Bless

  • I love the colors in the photos of the quaint streets at night!

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