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Our Library : Scrapbooking - The Old-Fashioned Way

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Since May is 'Scrapbooking Month' as well as Mother's Day coming up, I thought it was a good time to share my grandmother's cookbook with you. omi's book

Until not long ago, she would bake a cake every 2 days, so that she and my grandfather could have home made cake with their daily 3pm coffee . She's a bit old for that now - almost 92 - so she recently sent me her book to keep. I thought I was just getting some recipes ... instead I got a German history lesson : newspaper clippings of her engagement 1937, ration stamps from 1940 , invoices for painters from 1939 and her own mothers 'Motherpass' which I guess you got when you had 3 or more children. ... . ration pass / mother pass

engagement / invoive

And yes, there are many recipes as well .... mostly for baking, rarely with butter ... all splattered with bits of batter.

I'm thrilled to have this book of hers ... and I love the 'oldfashioned' way of scrapbooking. Maybe now I don't need to feel so bad that my own wedding announcement is in a box along with my sons' babypictures and first drawings. It might just make my grandchildren quite excited one day.

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  • What a fabulous keepsake! I have a cookbook from my great grandmother - - every other recipe calls for LARD! I love reading margin notes about how she altered the recipes and which ones were worth making again!

  • Oh my gosh! What a treasure!

  • Wow!! Absolutely beautiful.
    You have an amazing treasure.

  • Truly a treasure. Those gals knew what was worth saving and what was just extra.

  • That is amazing! What a treasure to have from her. You are SO lucky.

  • Thanks for sharing...that is an amazing piece of your family history she passed on to you. :) Another reason why everyone shouldn't get so hung up on the handwriting in their scrapbooks--let your natural handwriting shine through, it speaks for you.

  • I wish my family had hung onto wonderful heirlooms and treasures like that. I know I would love to have a piece of my family's history.

  • I have my Granny's cookbook and it is very similar to your Grandma's. It is held together with an elastic. I love it and I feel lucky to have it.

  • What a fabulous treasure and remembrance to have of your grandmother! One year my grandmother asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I requested some of her recipes - she wrote them all out by hand on 3 x 5's and gave them to me - it was a great gift - not only will the recipes live on, but the dishes always remind me of childhood visits with my grandmother. Your cookbook is so great since it includes so much more than just the recipes - what a find!

  • This is such an amazing keepsake. A few years ago my mom gave me some of my grandmother's scrapbooks and I'm so happy to have them :)

  • my grandmother just kept a small box for recipes. it's lost now - what i wouldn't give for a peek inside! you're very lucky. :)

  • It seems that your mother is from the same village like my grandfather, but he stayed there until today. He will be 85 years old this summer ... so possibly they donĀ“t know each other. But how funny it feels to find a speck of my own family in this blog!

  • what a beautiful, beautiful gift.

  • What a treasure you have recieved, I have my grandma's old cookbook is a very comforting thing to look through....I still feel the connection with her, as you always will when you share it with your grandchildren.

  • This is priceless!

  • Wow! What an awesome piece to work with. I've come across some individual things of my own mother. She passed away in May. I'm making a family scrapbook using your 18x18 album book. There's so many pictures I want to use, so I had to get the BIG one! But, she had a collection of handkerchiefs - some with crocheting on the edges, some with embroidery on a corner, and some just a simple print. Can I use these in the scrapbook, and what do I have to do to them or what should I not do to them? I'd really like to figure out a way to use them.

  • I love to scrapbpook the "old fashioned" way with the pages that tie or screw together in the binding, but I can no longer find them to purchase. Can anyone tell me where I can buy/order these older style scrapbooks? I'm desperate!

  • My Aunt Mamie let me make copies of my grandmothers hand written/dated receipe book dated in 1930"s. It is an old compostion tablet. Little did I know at 50+ years That I would find out that my grandma's name was Eunice. All these years everyone called her Blanche, her middle name. You can find alot of interesting tibits from an old Cookbook. Enjoy.

  • Boy,does this ever hit home!!!a few years ago my grandson requested i make a cookbook for all of them.have a bunch of them started but not finished.i am a greatgramma now so it is time i get in gear.i have some of my mothers in her handwriting,and one of my grandmothers all have said,you have a treasure given to you...i have the cookbook i used growing up,Womens Home Companions of my Mom's her 1st,and many more of hers.oh,the memories,let's all have a good happy cry???

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