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TV Crafts : That's a wrap!

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We TV crafters have finished production for our 4th season of "The Martha Stewart Show," and after a little bit of cleanup/organizing, we are going our separate ways for several weeks to refresh and get inspired for Season 5. Some of the plans we're looking forward to:

Kristin is heading out to California to visit friends and help her sister move back east - on her cross-country drive, she plans on hitting up as many thrift stores and flea markets as possible, and hopes to have some great finds to blog about.

Hosanna's recharging with a few nights away in a small cabin in the woods, and hopes to spend some time on incomplete personal crafting projects in between the FIVE weddings she has to attend.

Kirsten plans to teach herself how to lay pavers and build brick walls to transform her tiny backyard garden, and she and her husband are headed to Italy to celebrate their 2nd (cotton) anniversary (suggestions for clever cotton anniversary crafts are welcome).

Aaron is planning to go back to Barcelona for 2 weeks and hopefully -- fingers crossed and dog-sitter willing -- India for the first time. (duh, he's the Travel Guy).

Sorry for all the words and no pictures, but we hope to have plenty to show you on the other end. In the meantime, we'll be in touch from wherever we are with TV Tuesday wisdom to brighten your day.

PS - Don't worry, you can still catch repeats and all-new episodes from season 4 this summer! Keep watching and we'll see you in the fall.

Comments (6)

  • I can hardly wait to see some of Kristin's finds! A great vacation to you all :)

  • Have a great break everyone! Looking forward to the new season:)

  • Have fun! 2nd anniversary idea: High-count luxurious cotton bedding. The gift that keeps on giving!

  • Cotton anniversary idea for Kirsten....I gave my husband a cotton apron and a gift cerftificate for a cooking class (which we took together and had lots of fun!) You could obviously decorate the apron yourself...I just had his monogramed...and I am sure that you will be able to find an amazing cooking class while on your vacation in Italy. Have fun!

  • Crafter Comment:

    Thank you, Nina! This is a FANTASTIC idea -- I love it! I may actually steal it and use it. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Kristin's upbeat manner and her problem-solving ways were a delight to deal with. We recently collaborated on the production of papier mache eggs/jewellry boxes (Sworovski bracelets were given to members of the audience). This project could not have turned out better.

    I hope there will be more opportunities to egg each other on!

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